Jupiter Ascending: Creative supervision of 3d printed costume elements

Balems Collar – Digital STL – Modelled to fit Eddie Redmayne

Balems Collar: 3D Printed

Balem’s Collar: 3d printed, Gold Plated with 3d printed jewel

Balem’s collar: Finished piece

Balem’s rings: Digital STL

Balems Toe caps: 3d Printed

Balem’s servtant Collar

Headdress for the Matriach statue using 3d printed components

Evac Suit Helmet: 3d components

Caine’s Gun Holster: Digital STL – a perfect fit to Caine’s gun from the Props Dept.

Caine Wise (Channing Tatum) Costume Textures: STL’s for 3d printed masters for moulding.

Caine Wise (Channing Tatum) & Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis)

Image 1: Digital STL • Image 2: 3d print Copper Plated • Image 3: Finished

Headdress base support system

Wedding Guest Headdress

Kalique’s Neck piece: Digital STL

Kalique’s Neck Piece: 3d Printed

Kalique’s Neck Piece: 3d print -Silver plated finished with Swarovski crystals

The results above were created by a team of concept artists, modellers, 3d print specialists, plating specialists, jewellery & prop makers, costume makers and finishing artists.
My role was to schedule and oversee the production of all 3d printed elements for the costume department from start to finish; from initial concept work to finding solutions to bring concepts into reality. With tight deadlines & no time for R&D it was crucial to liaise with all the prop & costume makers, to understand their needs, templates and together solve any potential problems. I then creatively supervised the modelling process to then liaise with the printers and platers to ensure we had the perfect 3d piece in time to be finished ready for set.

3d Supervisor UK for Costume Designer: Kym Barrett

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