Jupiter Ascending: Creative supervision of 3d printed costume elements

Balems Collar – Digital STL – Modelled to fit Eddie Redmayne

Balems Collar: 3D Printed

Balem’s Collar: 3d printed, Gold Plated with 3d printed jewel

Balem’s collar: Finished piece

Balem’s rings: Digital STL

Balems Toe caps: 3d Printed

Balem’s servtant Collar

Headdress for the Matriach statue using 3d printed components

Evac Suit Helmet: 3d components

Caine’s Gun Holster: Digital STL – a perfect fit to Caine’s gun from the Props Dept.

Caine Wise (Channing Tatum) Costume Textures: STL’s for 3d printed masters for moulding.

Caine Wise (Channing Tatum) & Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis)

Image 1: Digital STL • Image 2: 3d print Copper Plated • Image 3: Finished

Headdress base support system

Wedding Guest Headdress

Kalique’s Neck piece: Digital STL

Kalique’s Neck Piece: 3d Printed

Kalique’s Neck Piece: 3d print -Silver plated finished with Swarovski crystals

3d Supervisor UK for Costume Designer: Kym Barrett
Warner Bros.

The results above were created by a team of concept artists, modellers, 3d print specialists, plating specialists, jewellery & prop makers, costume makers and finishing artists.
My role was to schedule and oversee the production of all 3d printed elements for the costume department from start to finish; from initial concept work to finding solutions to bring concepts into reality. With tight deadlines & no time for R&D it was crucial to liaise with all the prop & costume makers, to understand their needs, templates and together solve any potential problems. I then creatively supervised the modelling process to then liaise with the printers and platers to ensure we had the perfect 3d piece in time to be finished ready for set.