The Nutcracker 3D

Nutcracker Doll : Initial sketches

NC: Final design

NC Maquette with new painted hat

NC: as a the Nutcracker doll

Dolls House Toy: Sad Clown: Tinker

Dols House Toy: Tin Drummer: Sticks

Dolls House Toy: Monkey Gentleman: Gielgud

Noisette Productions: Director Andrei Konchalovsky

The Nutcracker in 3D 2010 is a fantasy film adaptation of the ballet The Nutcracker, directed by Andrei Konchalovsky.
Set in 1920's Vienna, this a tale of a little girl, Mary, whose seemingly dull Christmas Eve is suddenly filled with excitement and adventure following the arrival of her Uncle Albert, who gives her a Nutcracker as a gift. The Nutcracker comes to life and takes her on a wondrous journey meeting many fantasy characters along the way.

Konchalovsky gave the rats who try to take over the fantasy kingdom Nazi-like qualities in his production…

Film, Concept Art, Character design, Costume
Supervising art director : Creatures